Will Forte Half-Shaved Beard And Head Photos Go Viral

January 17, 2016 | By More

Will Forte

Will Forte shaved his beard, head, and eyebrow and photos taken at a recent gala in California are making waves on the Internet and probably in space too.

Maybe it was a bet, or he really angered his barber, but over the weekend, Forte showed up at Fox’s 2016 Winter TCA Tour All-Star Party at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena with one of the strangest haircuts the world has ever seen.

Mr. Forte was sporting a half-shaved beard, half-shaved head, and completing the look, a half-shaved mustache. Forte’s Last Man On Earth co-star Mel Rodriguez was also at the event, and he too was walking around with a half-shaved head and face.

Reporters at the event bombarded Tandy, aka Forte, and Todd/Mel with questions about their unusual looks, but the duo stayed mum. At the party, Forte also posed for photos with co-star and ex-girlfriend, January Jones, Cleopatra Coleman, who plays Erica, Mary Steenburgen (Gail), and Kristen Schaal, who has the role of Carol.

The writers of The Last Man On Earth have posted lots of photos of Will Forte’s shaved beard, head, and eyebrow without saying much other than the fact that they are funny. One Tweet read:

Doesn’t get any easier to look at. #LastManOnEarth comes back March 2016! @OrvilleIV @LastManFOX Will Forte Debuts Half-Shaved Face at FOX All-Star Party and It Is Seriously Insane.

Here are few theories on Forte’s half-shaved head – the other Phil Miller played by Boris Kodjoe died, and that is his way of paying homage. Tandy lost a bet with a member of the group and had to shave half of his head and face.

What do you think of Will Forte’s shaved beard?


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